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OK Go – WTF?

“The original idea was to create a video in which every frame remains on the screen, building and building. Needless to say, the band ran with the idea. The video was shot in one take — primarily using sticks and tape.”

Pigeon: Impossible

by Lucas Martell

watch in HD here.

Phonat – Set Me Free

Let Yourself Feel

A video creadted by Esteban Diácono inspired by the music of Olafur Arnalds.
Olafur Arnalds on myspace.

Reulf by Charlesque

In a black & white Paris, little creatures with paintbrushes decide to brighten up the city…

Dvein: F5 Titles

this is very cool.

This title sequence was created by Barcelona-based Dvein for the F5 festival in NYC on April 16th and 17th, 2009.

Direction and Animation: Dvein
Music: Antfood

Dvein’s creative approach:
“When we were invited to make the F5 titles, we wanted them match the eclectic spirit of the conference. The idea was to get the soul of the speakers into the titles in some way.

“We asked each speaker to name five objects that inspire them or has something to do with their work. We received all kinds of answers—really interesting objects that gave us a great starting point: wind turbines, microscopes, lights, smoke, lamb rib cage, French bulldog…

“The speakers didn’t know what their answers would be used for, but they were the seed for our story. In this way, all the speakers added their bit. There is not a unique authorship but rather a multiple collaboration.”