An Open Letter to Kanye West

By now, I’m sure you have all seen Kanye’s “banned” artwork for his upcoming album. It has caused quite a stir all over the web. Over at The 1st Five, John-Michael Bond wrote a pretty fantastic article about how Kanye could essentially save music.

It’s easy to blame the free fall in music sales on piracy. Frankly it is a big part of it. But the two main killers of the music industry that no one is talking about is the death of social music and the death of music retail. That first one is a rant for another day, but the death of music retail is something you can have an affect on.

We, the music buying and listening public, need you to make a big deal about the strangle hold of places like Walmart over music retail sir. And we need you to do it in a big, smart, way.

Head over to the site for the full article.


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