Monthly Archives: February 2010

Nobody Beats the Drum – Grindin’


The Morning Benders – Excuses

T-Shirt War

225 T-Shirts + Stop Motion = Awesome.

Giraffes and Laughs and Feelings and Things

A kiss and a traffic accident thrust Calum and Lucy, both twenty-something and “just good friends”, into a strange limbo constructed entirely from their own memories.
As they finally begin to open up to each other, the real world and its consequences begin to return, forcing them to realize their looming fate.

Mia Doi Todd – Open Your Heart

a new video directed by Michel Gondry

Cracker Bag

a great little short film that really takes me back to summers when i was young.  fireworks are one of my absolute favorite things.

dir: Glendyn Ivin

Broken Bells – The High Road

Broken Bells is Danger Mouse + James Mercer (The Shins).
i am really digging this album.  Maybe even a little more than any of The Shins’ albums….